Welcome to the website for The Clan Hope of Craighall Society

Officially Recognized by The Late Hereditary Chief of Clan Hope
Sir John Carl Alexander Hope, 18th Bt. of Craighall
and also by the

Current Chief: Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope, OBE, 19th Bt. of Craighall, Chief of the Name and Arms of Hope, Chief of Clan Hope


Craighall Seal and document from Sir John Hope, Sir Thomas Hope's son, and written in the 1636

Special discount on kilts and kilted skirts for Clan Hope of Craighall Society members

We can finally announce a new lower price for our 13oz clan tartan material handled through Alexis Malcolm Kilts.
The price will be $50.00USD per meter plus her fee plus shipping and handling.
Thus a kilt would be $200.00 for the material plus for $250.00 Alexis Malcolm Kilts for a total of $450.00USD plus shipping.
This matches the price of $600.00AUD + GST St. Kilda Retail in Australia charges for their kilts in our tartan.
Cost for small items will be prorated from the $50.00 per meter price.

We will be offering to Clan Hope of Craighall Society members in good standing i.e. dues paid, a one time 5% discount on the purchase of a kilt and/or kilted skirt, regardless of whether purchased through Alexis Malcolm Kilts or St. Kilda Retail.
The purchaser will just need to submit their receipt to the Clan board of directors.
This discount will apply for up to two items, kilts or kilted skirts, purchased at the same time by Clan Hope of Craighall Society members.
Non members will pay full price.
Purchases can be made directly at either of our kilt maker's websites please click on the links above or Kilt Makers in the side menu.

Kiffin Hope as been appointed to the new position of Commissioner for Texas

We wish Kiffin success in his new role of wrangling Hope descendants in the Lone Star state and expect great things for Clan Hope

New High Commissioner for the USA.

In recognition for his service to Clan Hope our Chieftain, Sir Alex Hope, has appointed Richard Hope as High Commissioner for the USA.

This is the first High Commissioner's position the clan has had the honour to have appointed by our Chieftain.
It is solely within the gift of the Clan Chieftain to appoint the position of High Commissioner.
Richard's role will be as coordinator for the clan in the USA.
He will be the first point of contact for enquiries from our new advertisments in The Scottish Banner and Highlander magazine.

Clan Hope of Craighall now has a presence in Canada

You can see their web page at http://www.clanhope.ca.

The Commissioner for Canada is Scott Hale. We wish Scott all the very best in his efforts to broaden the clan membership in Canada!

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Renewals are to be paid by the date of your membership anniversary, which is the date on which you became a member.
You can determine your membership date by checking the Active and Inactive Membership Rosters (Under "Member" on the menu at left). Anyone who has not renewed for 2019 by their anniversary date will be shown on the Inactive Membership Roster.
The Membership Secretary will notify you by email 30 days prior to the date you need to pay your annual dues.