Welcome to the website for The Clan Hope of Craighall Society

Officially Recognized by The Late Hereditary Chief of Clan Hope
Sir John Carl Alexander Hope, 18TH Bt. of Craighall

Current Chief: Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope, OBE, 19th Bt. of Craighall, Chief of the Name and Arms of Hope, Chief of Clan Hope

Membership renewals are to be paid by the date of your membership anniversary, which is the date on which you became a member.

You can determine your membership date by checking the Active and Inactive Membership Rosters (Under "Member" on the menu at left). Anyone who has not renewed for 2014 by their anniversary date will be shown on the Inactive Membership Roster. The Membership Secretary will notify you by email 30 days prior to the date you need to pay your annual dues.

Alexis Malcolm, kilt maker to Clan Hope, has received our tartan order, she received 11 meters (12 yards) and had sold 3.75 yards so has 8.25 yards still available. Please contact Alexis Malcolm directly at http://www.alexismalcolmkilts.com/ Remember, because the Hope-Vere tartan is a special weave, the prices will be slightly higher than Alexis’s normal prices so please contact her to verify your cost.