Clan Hope at the 18th Rural Hill Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games

The Loch Norman Highland Games appeared jinxed for Clan Hope from the outset. Clan Hope President Chris Papp was unable to host the tent as planned due to a serious family medical emergency. Hope and Chuck Stanley with daughter Stephie, who had originally planned to help host the tent, sprang into service. They rounded up some interesting items for display, table cloths and decorations at local stores, hand printed an outstanding "Clan Hope" banner and took over the job of hosting the Clan Hope tent. That in itself was heroic enough but what came next is best described in Hope's own words:

"Sat morning Stephie and I went to the game site to set up. We had just gotten the table set up and I had sent Steph back to the car for something when we saw the black black cloud coming toward us with small tornados dipping down here and there. Never did see any hit the ground but they where there. We covered things as best we could and then all the people from the tents on both side huddled together and hung on to each other, as did the people that had been walking around the games. The winds and rain came straight-lined under the tents and it felt like it would go on foreaver. When it did let up we all sort of looked at each other and laughed and cried and thanked the Lord as we started putting things back together."

Thank you Hope, Chuck and Stephie!

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