Family Reunion 1998
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Hope Family Reunion 1998

February, 1998 Volume 3.1
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The Hope's Reunion

THE HOPE EXPRESS will arrive August 7, 1998 at the Kootenai Gardens Reunion Center, Rexford, Montana, for the Bi-Annual Family Reunion Aug. 7-9.
Check in time is 3 – 5 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. Dinner will be served at 6:00 p.m. The Express will be stationed at Rexford until Monday morning—check out time 10:00 a.m.
Accommodations include 3 dormitory rooms at the Center with lavatories just down the hall. Space is available for camping, trailers, etc. (no additional fee). Motels are available in Eureka, Montana. Passenger baggage should include: bedding, towels and toiletries. Meals served at 8:00 a.m./Noon/& 6:00 p.m.
Ticket Prices: $82.50 per person, children 5 yrs. and under free. This will entitle the ticket holder to 3 nights lodging and 8 meals.

Please make reservations as soon as possible and return to Juanita Kinney (ticket agent), 1026 Sherman Ave., Prosser, WA 99350-11142. You will be required to pay ahead by July 10, 1998.

THERE IS NEW "HOPE"... The mailing list has grown some more. It was exciting to finally make contact with Ellen M. Hope Lynch's children. Jessie Mae Lynch Page lives in Arlington, TX and Wilburn H. Lynch in Las Vegas, NV. They have both provided new data for the family tree. Have you visited Brett Hope's HOPE WEB PAGE? The address is There is a lot of interesting information there. He entered the last copy of this newsletter.

SUBSCRIPTION Name_______________________________________ Address_____________________________________ _____________________________Zip____________ Phone_______________________________________ SUBSCRIPTION For those of you who want to continue receiving this newsletter, why don't we say send the information at the bottom of the first column along with $20. I will use the money for postage and when the kitty is depleted this notice will appear again. Some of you have already done this. I will mark your copy paid.

MIGRATIONS This is a new feature. It will be a thumbnail sketch about a family tracing their roots according to who moved where and when and why and perhaps a picture of the family.


Grant's grandmother was Clara Hope Cunningham whose family lived in TN before going to AR where she was born. He called her "Me-Maw". She died when he was about 3. For a while when he saw an elderly woman with a purse like her's, he would say "Me-Maw." Oklahoma City was where Grant was born and lived until his dad, Paul, went to San Antonio, TX as manager of the E. F. Hutton branch office during Grant's 8th grade year. However, their stay was short because by the time school was ready to start in the fall the stock brokerage firm transferred them back to Oklahoma City.
Come time for college Grant was lured again to TX to graduate as a Baylor singing Bear. He majored in finance and a fiancée'. That is where he met his wife Kristin Johnsen.
After receiving his degree, he returned to Oklahoma and became a stockbroker in the family mutual fund timing business, which he helped to name MeriTiming, Inc. The name was later changed to Merit Advisors, Inc. During this time he was a successful winner on the Wheel of Fortune. Soon thereafter the opportunity came to enter the music world in Nashville, TN. He traveled and sang in a duo called Harbor until after he was married, then he worked for Hummingbird Advertising and achieved success in writing music lyrics. Later he became an A&R Rep. (that's "Artists & Repertoire" or "Airports & Restaurants" as Kristin sees it) for Sparrow Records and was awarded a Dove Award for the lyrics of "The Great Divide" sang by the Point of Grace in 1996.
It is rather interesting that both sides of his family tree had roots in TN then migrated to AR then OK and TX. Now he resides in Franklin, TN and has twin sons.


The Stephens, Inc, the largest investment bank off Wall Street located in Little Rock, AR, is Hope related. A message found in July, 1997 on the Internet stated the Stephens Group and the families of Jack Stephens, Warren Stephens and Witt Stephens, Jr. also own millions of shares of stock in banking telecommunications, health care and forestry companies throughout the nation. Visit their stock brokerage firm if you are every in Little Rock. They will treat you royally!!


RUTH HOPE HANDY of Coatesville, PA, 75 died Wed., March 19, 1997, at her home on Hopedell Farm. Born in 1922 in Lancaster to Thomas E. and Lena Hammond Hope. Graduated from Coatesville High School in 1939 and from Bloomsburg University in 1943. Married to William P. Handy on March 25, 1944. Lived her entire life as the 12th generation on her family's farm. Retired from teaching school for 40 years in 1990. Member of the Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church where she was the choir director for 27 years and taught Sunday School. Survived by husband William P. Hardy; son, William H. Hardy of Coatesville; daughters, Frances Jean H. Wright of Downingtown and Ruthanne H. Ellsworth of Coatesville; her twin sister, Jean Hope Irwin of Coatesville and nine grandchildren. Was preceded in death by one daughter, Marianne M. Hardy in 1975. The Wilde Funeral Home, 434 Main St., Parkesburg, PA conducted the funeral service on March 24. Burial was in the church cemetery.

TWINS: Do you know of any others?
Ruth Hope Hardy and Jean Hope Irwin,
b. 1922-d. 1997 b. 1922 Pa
Ann Cargill See and Oscar Cargill
b. 1916-d. 1997 b. 1996 TX
James Paul Cunningham and Jimmie Pauline Webb
b. May 16, 1928 OK
Will Austin Cunningham and Evan James Cunningham
b. April 30, 1997 TN
b. April 30, 1997 TN
Oleta Madaline Bradley (Bartholow) d. 1984 Tx
Juanita Geraldine Bradley (Reams)
b. October 24, 1919 Cleburne, Texas
Robert Glenn Hope and Richard Neal Hope
b. October 24, 1959 Jacksonville, Florida

Scanning family photographs on computer is nothing short of a miracle. There were simply no pictures of Merrell Leland Cunningham except for two or three small snapshots and very few of Clara, his wife. In trying to put together a picture pedigree chart we have been successful in cropping pictures of both of them and enlarging them to use for this purpose

Family Tidbits:

Rex Hope, Needles, CA, age 75 telephoned on April 2, 1997. He is in poor health, has had heart bypass surgery. However, he shared some interesting information about the Glen Hope family. They moved to Canada during the Civil War. They lived 150 miles from their nearest neighbor. Home schooling isn't new; they home schooled. The children were well educated. Ralph flies an airplane.

Mary Hope Bach, Idaho (1909-1995).
It was wonderful to receive pictures of the Jim Hope family from his widow, Pat.
Nelson & Ellen Hope the Miracle-Gro gardeners of Phoenix, Arizona sent pictures of their world record dill plants, over eight feet tall.
Larry & Sandra Hope live in British Columbia. He teaches business and she is a counselor in the Prince Rupert school district.
Richard Hope is a supervisor at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport and likes to fish and explore the mountains on his Harley Davidson.
Ben & Berdie Hope, missionaries to Brazil, have email.
Berdie designed a home page that tells about Palmas and the Baptist mission work in Brazil: Check them out at: They were in the States until January 15, 1998. Both had surgery and their son got married.
Brett Hope found the Chester County, PA USGenWeb site at: It's full of interesting items, including some cemetery indices, historical sites (not Thomas Hope's home) and a mail list you can subscribe to. Check it out.
He also has pictures of Hoptoun in Scotland on the Hope web site The first "Earl of Hopetoun" was the son of Charles Hope who drowned saving the Duke of York when the ship carrying the royal party ran aground off Yarmouth. Can anyone tie their genealogy into this?

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The Family of David Beattie Hope

(Editor's Note: Hope researchers are indebted to Monra Hammond of Falls Church, Va. for this account of David Beattie Hope, his family and descendents. Monra says that it is a "Work in Progress", changing as new information is discovered)

David Beattie Hope was probably born between 1792 and 1806. He was the son of Adam Hope (1761-1841) and Rachel Wallis, early settlers of Davidson County, Tennessee. David had several brothers and sisters and his father was a prosperous planter. His mother Rachel died in 1809 and his father married Mary Brown on March 12, 1814.

On September 17, 1832, David married Elizabeth "Betsy" Puckett of Rutherford County, Tennessee. Elizabeth was the daughter of Arthur and Lucy Puckett. Her father was the descendant of an early Virginia family. Some sources put Elizabeth's birth date at June 26, 1817, while others say it was as early as 1812.

David and Elizabeth settled on a farm in Henry County,Tennessee, and started a family. They had four sons:
Adam A., born about 1833;
William L., born about 1835;
Pleasant M., born about 1837; and
James "King" Kinkead, born June 6,1839.

Henry County tax records of 1836 list David B. Hope as the owner of 353 acres of land. David died a few years later,about 1840. Elizabeth's brother Leonard Puckett was named administrator of David's estate.

An 1840 inventory of the estate included the following items - one bell and collar, one plow, one single tree and (?) , one yoke of oxen, one bull tongue plow, one drawing knif e, one auger, one pair of stillyards, one half bushel, one iron squaw, one gimblet, seven head cattle, two colts, one filly (partnership), one hand saw, one stand, sixty head hogs, one grind stone, one cutting knif e and box, one oat stack, one mill stone, one man's saddle, twenty-four head of hogs (partnership), sundries articles and several notes. The household furnishings and the farm were not included in the inventory.

Court commissioners set aside a year's provisions for David's family. These consisted of nine hundred pounds of pork, twenty barrels of corn, ten bushels of wheat, twenty pounds of coffee and fifty pounds of sugar.

Unlike his father, David owned no slaves. Whether this was for religious, financial or practical reasons is not known, but Henry County was probably not as well-suited to plantation-style farming as Davidson County.

David's father Adam, who outlived his son, left $1000.00 to David's sons in his 1841 will. On December 6, 1842, David's widow Elizabeth married John Martin in Henry County. The 1850 census shows John and Elizabeth Martin with the four Hope boys and their two young half-brothers - Beatty H., age 5, and Andrew, age 3. Elizabeth reportedly died in Henry County on June 2, 1884.

On June 28, 1855, David and Elizabeth's oldest son Adam A. Hope married Margaret Amanda Harris of Wilson County, Tennessee. -Born February 2, 1836, Margaret was the daughter of Charles T. Harris and the granddaughter of Edward Harris.

Adam became a farmer near Conyersville in Henry County. One of his near neighbors was A. W. Carson, originally from Iredell County, North Carolina, and a first cousin of the famous scout "Kit" Carson. In the years to come, the Carson family would become much more closely linked with the Hopes than mere neighbors.

David's other sons grew to maturity and began to wed. On November 4, 1858, William L. Hope married E. C. Martin of Henry County. Less than a year later, on October 4, 1859, young Pleasant Hope married Josephine "Josiell Curd, daughter of Richard D. Curd and Emily E. Hall.

By 1860, Adam and Margaret had two young sons, Charles Erasmus, born August 8, 1856, and Robert B., born July 5, 1860. Neither William, a local merchant, nor Pleasant had children at that time. James, 21 and still unmarried, was living with his newly-wed brother Pleasant and Pleasant's wife Josie.

The Civil War began the next year. Young James Kinkead Hope was the first of the Hope brothers to join the "Lost Cause". By September, 1861, he had enlisted in the 5th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A. In November of the same year, the three older Hope brothers joined the 46th Infantry in Paris, Tennessee. Enlisting with them were Robert A. and John A. Carson, the only two surviving sons of Adam's neighbor A. W. Carson.

The 46th's first major action in the war was a disaster. The regiment was assigned to defend the Mississippi on an island near New Madrid, Missouri. Company D of the 46th, which included the three Hope brothers and the Carsons, volunteered to man a floating battery. The Confederates were bombarded by the federals almost continuously for thirty days. On April 8, 1862, the entire regiment, including the Hopes and Carsons, was captured or surrendered to federal troops, ending what is known as the Battle of Island #10. The prisoners were taken to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois. Their officers were interned at Camp Chase, Ohio, and later moved to Johnson's Island in Lake Michigan.

Conditions had been terrible for the troops defending the island. They were poorly supplied, poorly fed, and weakened by an epidemic of measles. The P.O.W. camp was little better. On April 27, 1862, less than three weeks after his capture, young John A. Carson died in the camp. The camp commander refused to allow John's father to bring his son's remains back to Tennessee for burial in the Carson family plot. John was buried instead in the Confederate Mound of Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago.

Most of the regiment, including the Hopes, was taken to Cairo, Illinois, on September 8, 1862, and from there by boat to Vicksburg for a prisoner exchange. Robert Carson was sick in camp and left behind. A. W. Carson, fearing the loss of his only remaining son, wrote poignant letters to the camp commander unsuccessfully seeking his son's release. Heartbroken over John's death and fearing Robert's, A. W. died on September 23, 1862, the same day the men of the 46th were reunited with their officers in Mississippi.

Back in the P.O.W. camp, Robert recovered and in October took the oath of allegiance to the United States. He was eventually released to return home. His mother, Margaret Allison, died on February 18, 1863. A. W.'s and Margaret's tombstones in the Carson family plot read simply "My Father" and "My Mother".

Robert eventually rejoined his regiment. Whether he went willingly or not is unknown, but he served throughout the remainder of the war. On October 5, 1863, he married Mary F. Harris, the younger sister of Adam Hope's wife Margaret.

Adam Hope was promoted to regimental commissary sergeant. William Hope became a lieutenant and Pleasant and James K. each attained the rank of captain. Pleasant and Josie became the parents of a daughter Annie about 1863.

On July 28, 1864, during General Hood's third sortie in the defense of Atlanta, some men of the 46th regiment were caught in a brief encounter with federal troops during the Battle of Ezra Church. During a skirmish on Lick Skillet Road, Adam A. Hope was killed. When the fighting was over, Robert Carson returned to the battle site to search for Adam's body, but his remains were never recovered. Adam was described by his fellow soldiers as "a most pious Christian." His wife Margaret gave birth to their only daughter about the time of his death. She named the girl Adam Margaret.

On November 30, 1864, the remnants of the 46th were engaged in the tragic battle of Franklin in their home state of Tennessee. Most of the regiment was killed or wounded that day. Lt. William L. Hope fell within 40 yards of the breastworks, his body pierced thirteen times. He lingered for five days before he died on December 5.

Near the end of the day-long battle, Captain Pleasant M. Hope reportedly turned to his ensign Paul Sullivan and said, "Paul, the cause is lost, save yourself." Minutes later, while crouching near the breastworks, the young Captain Hope was struck by a ball and died almost instantly.

Early the next year, Beatty H. Martin, the Hope boys, young half-brother, acting as their attorney. applied for letters of administration to handle the Confederate-related financial affairs of Pleasant and William as officers who died intestate. They were each owed several hundred dollars by the Confederacy for which they had given their lives.

Finally, the devastating war was over. Of the four Hope brothers and two Carson boys who had joined the fight nearly four years earlier, only James Kinkead Hope of the 5th Tennessee Infantry and Robert A. Carson of the demolished 46th survived. James had served throughout the war as quartermaster, lieutenant and captain.

On March 20, 1866, James married Cynthia E. Dixon of a well known Bedford County, Tennessee, pioneer family. He settled in Shelbyville in that county, where he had spent some time during the war. James became a cattle breeder, farmer and local businessman. In 1870, his household included his wife Cynthia, their two-year old son William, an elderly Cynthia E. Dixon, age 75, and two black servants - Nannie and Moses. Cynthia and James had several children, but the only other one known to survive to adulthood was J. K. or "Junior", born in June, 1879. J. K. died sometime before his parents. Cynthia died in June, 1913. Her only remaining son, William, died in August that same year, leaving a wife and son, William M. Hope. William M. Hope married Mildred Tharpe in 1919. James, who in his old age had applied to the state of Tennessee for a Confederate pension, died on July 25, 1914, in Shelbyville.

William L. Hope's widow E. C. was married to James G. Griffith, on October 14, 1871. It is not known whether William and E. C. had had any children. The Griffiths' whereabouts after their marriage is unknown. They were not found in Tennessee in the 1880 census.

Pleasant Hope's widow Josie married James Totty on April 14, 1873 in Carroll County, Tennessee. The 1880 census of Benton County, Tennessee, lists their household with seventeen-year old Annie Hope as Totty's step-daughter. This was Pleasant's only known child. Nothing is yet known of Annie after 1880.

Robert Carson and his wife Mary Harris had two children, a son Robert Return, born November 16, 1864, and a daughter Elizabeth, or Lizzie, born about i868. Mary became ill and by 1870, her sister Margaret Hope was caring for Return and Lizzie. Mary died in October of that year.

On December 3, 1871, Robert Carson, Mary's widower, and Margaret Hope,Mary's sister and Adam Hope's widow, were married.They left Tennessee and were living in Texas in 1876 when they had a son. They named him John A. Carson in memory of Robert's brother who had died in the P.O.W. camp.By 1880,the family had settled permanently in Benton County, Arkansas.

Adam A. Hope's children, Charles Erasmus, Robert B. and Adam Margaret, grew up on their step-father's farm among the apple orchards of northwest Arkansas. Their mother Margaret Harris Hope Carson died in Benton County on November 23, 1899, and was buried there in the little town of Rogers.

Charles Erasmus Hope was married on August 27, 1893. His wife, Amy Earnestine Curtis, was the daughter of a local farmer, grocery keeper and marshal named John Nelson Curtis. Her mother was Phoebe Adelaide "Addiell Mallory Burroughs, originally from Westfield, new York. Charles and Amy had six children: Charles Earnest, Balfour A., Frances Isabel, Blanche Louis and two daughters, Laura and Irene, who died in infancy and are buried under a small double headstone in Mena, Polk County, Arkansas.

Charles and Amy Hope ran a small hotel in an Arkansas slate mining town, not surprisingly called Slatington. Their daughter Blanche was born there in 1905. After the mines closed, they homesteaded for several years in the Ouachita Mountains. They then moved near Mena in Polk County, Arkansas, so the children could be closer to schools. Charles later ran a hotel in Mills, New Mexico, for a year or two. The family then moved back east in an ox-drawn Conestoga wagon and settled in Delaware County, Oklahoma, first near Mose Ridge Prairie and later on Highway 10 near Jay, Oklahoma.

Charles's wife Amy died of a stroke in 1931 while she and Charles were living with their son Balfour in Oregon. She is buried in Portland, Oregon. Charles died on August 25, 1939, and is buried in Rogers, Arkansas, with his mother and brothers.

Adam's other son Robert B. Hope married Dessa Smith of Indiana and Oklahoma. They lived in Creek Township, Wagoner County, Indian Territory (later Oklahoma) and had a son named Norman B. and four daughters - Hattie, Bonnie, Ethel and Burtie. Robert died in Wagoner on February 21, 1903, and was buried next to his mother Margaret in Rogers, Arkansas. HIs wife died in 1957 and his son Norman died in 1962. They and Norman's wife Varillah are buried in the Elmwood Cemetery in Wagoner Co., Oklahoma. Nothing else is known of Norman or his sisters or their descendants.

Adam's daughter Adam Margaret, who used her middle name, was born July 21, 1864, one week before the deatho of her father, Adam A. Hope. She married W. R. Baker on December 9, 1885, in Benton county and moved to Moffatt County, Colorado, near Craig. Postcards to her young niece Blanche in the early 1910s were postmarked Sunbeam, Colorado. The Bakers had two sons, Fray A. and Charles, and a daughter named Susie. Margaret later lived with Fray near Bellingham, Washington. She was known to have in her possession a framed portrait of her father Adam. A small faded snapshot from the early 1900s shows Margaret holding the portrait. The current location of the portrait itself is unknown.

Margaret Died August 17, 1952 and is buried as Margaret A. Baker in Greenacres Memorial Park, 5 miles northwest of Bellingham, Washington.

Margaret's son Fray of Lummi Island, Washington, died in 1975. Nothing is known of Charles or Susie's fate.

When Robert Carson died in 1914, his remains were taken back to Tennessee by his son Return. He was buried beside his parents and his first wife Mary F. Harris in the Carson family plot in Henry County. Both Robert and later his son Return tried to ensure that the members of Adam Hope's family were buried together in Rogers, Arkansas. Robert and Margaretfs son John died in 1915 and Return buried him near his mother. Of Adam Hope's immediate family, only his daughter Margaret is buried elsewhere, probably in Washington.

Charles Earnest Hope, Charles Erasmus's oldest child, was born in 1894. He met his wife Gretchen ("Gretel") while serving in the U. S. Army of Occupation in Germany after the end of World War I. She was the daughter of the Reuter family with whom he was quartered. Charles and Gretel had a son Ralph and three daughters - Fritzie, Billie Dove and Jackie. Charles is buried in Gravette, Arkansas, with his wife Gretel and their daughter Fritzie.

Balfour A. Hope was born December 26, 1895, in Arkansas. He joined the Army during World War I and was trained as a cook. He later worked as a chef all over the country, living in Minnesota, Kansas, Wyoming,, Alaska, Oregon and Washington. He and his wife Catherine had two children. Balfour died in April, 1974, in a veterans's hospital in Washington. He is buried beside his mother in Portland, Oregon.

Balfour's son Eugene, known as Gene, was born on July 6, 1923. He married and had one son. Gene died on Christmas Day, 1995, in Whatcom County, Washington. Balfour's daughter is married and living in California. She has no children.

Frances Isabel Hope, born on March 24, 1903, attended business college in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and later married John "Johnnie" Woods. They had three children. Johnnie died in an automobile accident in the early 1940s while driving with his family between Muskogee and their home in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma. Frances later married Steve Masslock and had another son. She died on February 4, 1991. Her surviving children and grandchildren live in Oklahoma and Illinois.

Blanche Louise Hope, Charles Erasmus's youngest child, was born on July 22, 1905. She lived in Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma as a child. She loved the meadows and wildflowers of the family's homestead in the Ouachitas as much as she disliked the desert landscape of their home in Mills, New Mexico.

In Oklahoma, Blanche attended school at Mose Ridge Prairie. She rode a horse from there to Jay, the county seat, to take her state exams, for graduation. Blanche and her sister Frances were taught to play the organ by the teacher of the Mose Ridge Prairie school. Blanche played the organ in church and taught Sunday School to the mostly Native American children of the church. The Native American adults did not want to teach in English and the children did not want to be taught in their native language.

While helping her postmistress aunt, Tempa Curtis, in the local post office, Blanche became the pen pal of a young postal clerk in St. Louis, Missouri. After a long courtship by mail and several visits back and forth, she married Cletus L. Hammond of St. Louis, Missouri, on November 13, 1928. Cletus retired from the Post Office Department and died in 1961. He is buried in St. Louis County, where Blanche still lives. Her three sons are married and live in Missouri and Virginia. She has one grandchild.


David Hope was probably the namesake of his Uncle John Hope's neighbor in Davidson County, Tennessee. This David Beattie was a likely relative of John's wife Anne Beattie. William Beattie named his daughter Anne Hope and his son David in his Davidson County, Tennessee, will. A probably younger David Beattie and his wife Nancy Wallis (possibly related to David Beattie Hope's mother Rachel Wallis) had a daughter Mary (1812-1839) who is buried in the Glade Spring Presbyterian Cemetery, Washington County, Virginia, with other Beatties, as well as some Hopes, Kincaids (Kinkeads) and Cunninghams. These relationships require further investigation.

The children of Adam Hope and Rachel Wallis are named in several DAR membership applications and in Adam's 1841 will, Davidson County, Tennessee.

An extensive Puckett family genealogy, -"Some Pucketts and their Kin", by Hester E. Garrett, 1960, and a Supplement, 1978 ' document the ancestry of Elizabeth's father Arthur. Settlement of Arthur Puckett's estate on 5/18/1829 by his executor Pleasant Puckett is recorded in Rutherford Co., TN. (Pleasant Hope's name was a Puckett family name - Elizabeth had both an uncle and a brother named Pleasant.)

The "Kinkead" of James Kinkead Hope's name had been in the family since the time of David's grandmother, Agnes Kinkead, the wife of Adam Hope (1729-1802) of Washington County, Virginia. There were several Kinkeads from Washington County among the "Overmountain Men" who helped win the Battle of King's Mountain in 1780, including a James Kinkead who was wounded in the battle and a Captain John Kinkead. Further research is needed to determine whether these local heroes were also relatives of the Hopes.

Margaret Harris's grandfather is probably the revolutionary soldier Edward Harris who served in the North Carolina Continental Line and was awarded a land grant in Tennessee for his service. He is discussed in a "History of Tennessee" and appears in several Tennessee land records. His Wilson County will names his children, including his son Charles T.

The Carson-Bent-Boggs Genealogy and the North Carolina will of Andrew Carson, brother of Lindsey Carson, establish A. W. Carson's relationship to Lindsey's son, the frontiersman Christopher "Kit" Carson.

Charles Erasmus Hope's first name was that of Margaret's father Charles T. Harris. An Erasmus Harris is named in 1847 and 1850 Henry County records. Could he have been relative of Charles's mother Margaret and the source of Charles's middle name?

"The Curd Family in America" by Frank D. Fuller and William D, Curd, 1927, is a genealogy of Josephine Curd's family.

A. W. Carson's letters to the commander of Camp Douglas are part of Robert A. Carson's Civil War files at the National Archives in Washington, D. C. "A History of the Henry County Commands... 11 in the Civil War was written by Edwin Rennolds in 1904.

Published obituaries and tombstone inscriptions of Robert A. Carson and his son John document their deaths in Rogers, Arkansas,, and their burial places in Henry Co, Tennessee, and Rogers, respectively. Tombstone inscriptions confirm the burials of Adam A. Hope's sons Charles and Robert with their half-brother John A. Carson and their mother Margaret in Rogers.

Much of the information on recent generations was provided by Blanche Louise Hope Hammond, David Beattie Hope's 92-year old great-granddaughter.

I welcome any additions or corrections to this brief narrative.

Monra Hammond


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