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The children of Grover and Melvina Hope have had their family reunion at Western Hills Guest Ranch, near Wagoner, OK for several years. Paul and Freda Cunningham and Bob Cargill joined them this year. It was Friday, May 23 through Monday, May 26.

Sequoyah National Park is a delightful place with plenty of time to share genealogy information. This family had lost two this year Osa Lee Hope Banzett the oldest of eleven died April 1, 1997 and James Evans "Jim" Hope, the ninth of eleven, on February 11, 1997.


Please note correction: Cathie Hargreaves, Pisgah Forest, NC, (descendent of Thomas and Jennet Hope through the Adam Hope, Sr. and son Richard Hope and Elizabeth Harbison line) Richard Rex Hope, Walla Walla, WA, (descendent of Thomas and Jettet Wilham Hope of Sadsbury, PA, and son Richard Hope's line) has a will in his possession that may shed some new light on our roots digging. Perhaps a copy can be included in the next newsletter. solve the mysteries.

RE: Sherman Lot Hope - Nelson W. Hope of Tempe, AZ sent the following article that was probably published in the Baptist Messenger, Oklahoma State Paper:

HOPE-Sherman L. Was born in Grant Co., Ark, March 24, 1859. Died January 9, 1901, near Wyunnewood, Indian Terr. He was married to Sarah Halbert, a Baptist minister's daughter, October 8, 1879, and joined Harmony baptist Church, Grant Co. Ark., same year. He moved from Arkansas to the Indian Territory Nov., 1894 and has lived near Wynnewood ever since. He was a member of the Wynnewood Baptist Church when he died. He leaves wife and eight children, three boys and five girls to battle in this world alone. Sister Hope and oldest daughter, Nora, are members of Wynnewood Baptist Church. God has made all necessary arrangements for all those who will trust him. The three boys are old enough to accept Christ as their Savior. I pray that they wil not be a broken family in heaven. May God bless the family. J. L. Keller, Pastor.

What about Arthur Hope, born October 18, 1833, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN? Does anyone know death dates for him and wife, Rebecca Quinn? They were buried in the Philadelphia Cemetery, Prattsville, AR.

According to Helen Gibson her parents, Herbert Thomas Hope and Mildred Mattulda Seymour were married on April 14, 1941.


The mailing list continues to grow! During the first half of the year I have added new Hopes to the mailing. This brings the total to .

Brett Hope of Interlachen, Florida is still trying to document connection to our Family line. His g-g-grandfather Adam Hope was born in Tn, but lived and died in Wilkinson Co., Mississippi. Some of his descendents live around Dallas and in Oklahoma. He believes he ties into James Hope and Margaret Dryden line. Brett has a Wilkinson Co. GenWeb site: He has a personal site that he is not using and has offered to use it for a Hope home page.

How many of you have internet capability? We would like to start an Email directory. It would save considerable in cost to email this newsletter or there again use a web site.


Due to rising postage and paper costs, and of course depending upon your degree of interest, it appears that by January 1998 we will need to plan for this newsletter to be provided on a subscription basis. Please let us hear from you if you desire to be included in the mailing.

If you have email contact Freda Cunningham at If you are interested in the web site being set up contact Brett Hope at

Always there is snail mail to Freda Cunningham, 6200 Lansbrook Lane, Oklahoma City, OK 73132-2807 or the telephone at 1-405-722-0719 or FAX at 1-405-720-3121


Donna Bartholow
Bob Cargill
Freda Cunningham
Brett Hope
Garland, Jr. and David Hope
Marilyn LeBlanc

(Editorial note: this e-mail list has grown considerably since the Family Reunion in May, 1997.)


In the name of God, amen, that I Thomas Hope of Sadsbury township, Chester County and province of Pennsylvania, being of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God, I therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I do make ordain this my last will and testament.

First, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it both pleased God to bless me with in this life.

I give, desire and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First, I give and bequeath to my son, Richard Hope, of my personal estate the sum of one hundred pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania and to his son Thomas Hope (a) the sum of five (?) pounds. I give and bequeath to my son, Adam Hope, the sum of one hundred pounds and to his son Thomas Hope (b) the sum of five pounds. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Agnes, the sum of fifty pounds and to her son Thomas McPherson (c) the sum of five pounds. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Jennett, the sum of fifty pounds and to her son Thomas Park (d) the sum of five pounds. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Sarah, the sum of fifty pounds. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary, the sum of fifty pounds. I give and bequeath to my son-in-law, Robert Cowan's son Thomas (e) the sum of ten pounds and to all the rest of his children I give and bequeath the sum of forty pounds to be equally divided amongst them all.

I give also to my daughter-in-law Hannah Hope the benefit of the place I now live upon situate as aforesaid for seven years clear of all rent for the purpose of enabling her to bring up the children after which time said place to be rented out for the term of four years and the rent to be equally divided amongst all my son Robert Hope's children.

To my son Robert Hope's son Thomas Hope (f), I give and bequeath all the messuage tenement and tract of land which I now live upon situate in the township, county and province aforesaid to him, his heirs and assigns into the full possession of which he shall enter when he is twenty-one years of age, upon this condition that his executors or administrators pay the full sum of fifty pounds current money of Pennsylvania to my executors of his share in the personal estate of my son Robert Hope, deceased, and that within one year after my decease and also that he sign a release when of age to the other children of my son Robert Hope renouncing all claim and title to any part of his father's real estate. But if this condition be not complied with, then that one equal distribution of this place situate as aforesaid be made amongst all the children of my son Robert Hope. But if the said Thomas does not live until he comes to the years of maturity rather the said messuage tenement or tract of land shall fall to his brother Robert Hope or to the oldest of my son Robert Hope's sons then living. To him, his heirs and assigns let it be also understood that into whose hand soever of my son Robert Hope on this tract or tenement fall that it be upon the same condition as above recited in the case of Thomas Hope son of Robert Hope and that upon not complying, the place be equally divided amongst the surviving children of Robert Hope.

Lastly, I constitute my son, Richard Hope, and my son-in-law, Robert McPherson, to be my whole and sole executors of this my last will and testament, revoking and disannuling all former wills by me, made and ratifying and confirming this only to be my last will and testament made this eleventh day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy five (February 11, 1775).

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal.

Thomas Hope

(A copy of this handwritten will was submitted by Grover Hope, Addison, TX, and was transcribed to typewritten copy.)

Likes to receive mail: Garland Hope is in a nursing home. He loves to receive letters or post cards from the family. It makes him realize that he hasn't been forgotten. His mailing address: Garland H. Hope c/o Pauls Valley Health Care Facility, 1413 S. Chickasaw, Pauls Valley, OK 73075.


On October 31, 1996, Jim Hope sent a copy of his memoirs he had taken the time to write for his children. Little did we know he would no longer be with us today. We should all benefit from his example and "go and do thou likewise". He included a time line of places his family lived during his lifetime. He also included information concerning the memorial plaque he saw in Europe commemorating military men lost in actin which included Virgil in Tunisia, North Africa. I started on my last birthday setting aside that day to write something interesting that has happened in my lifetime.

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Will of John Hope

(Editor's notes: John Hope was born in 1758 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and died March 6, 1805 in Davidson County, Tennessee. He was the son of Adam Hope and Agnes Kincaid of Chester County Pa., later of Washington County, Virginia. John married Anne Beaty (or Beattie) in 1790.
This transcription made from a copy of the original will September 7, 1997.)

John Hope's Last Will and Testament May 25.
In the name of God, Amen. I John Hope of the County of Davidson State of Tennessee, being in my sound mind, but a low state of health, knowing the uncertainty of life and the constainty of approaching death do make this my last will & testament. First, I commit my soul to God who gave it, in the humble hope of mercy and forgiveness, through Jesus Christ my only Mediator, and my body to the dust in the lively hope of rising again to Immortal happiness and Glory., and I order & direct that my remains be decently buried, and I dispose of my wordly goods in the manner following:
I order, and it is my Will that all my lawful debts be paid, and the Expences of Funeral discharged, and that all debts due to me by collected, all my Stock except what shall be hereafter devised, be sold, & the monies arising from the sale and the collection, and all the money found in my possession at my death, to be given in equal shares to my beloved Wife Anne & my dear Children, putting the respective shares to use for such of them as shall be unmarried, and under age.
I give & bequeath to my beloved Wife Anne two Hundred acres of the land on which I now live including the mansion house and other buildings & Improvements, as shall be included in said Two Hundred Acres, taking it off the upper end of the tract. I also give and bequeath to my said wife, all my Negroes, six of my horses Twelve Cows at her own election out of my whole stock, all my Hogs sheep & other stock, with all my plantation tools and Household Furniture, and my Distilery and apparatus, to be and continue in her possession and at her Disposal, except what shall be hereafter Devised, for her support & the support of my children, till my son William be of the full age of Twentyone. From that time I ordain & it is my will that my beloved Wife have a share of my Estate equal to one of my Children for her use while she lives, and to be disposed of at her death among my children, and I further order & direct that my said Wife possess and enjoy the living Rooms in the south end of my mansion House during her life. I give & bequeath to said wife two feather beds & furniture, the half of my other House hold and Kitchen (unreadable), and a (unreadable) support to be given her by my son William as herafter be directed ------
I further give & bequeath to my son Adam one hundred and Sixty acres of the tract of land on which I now live to be run off the lower end of the tract, and to include all the Improvements to which shall fall within, the direct Division line, and I confirm to him the horse saddle and bridle which I have given him, I bequeath also to him a good feather bed & furniture, my Bible (or Rifle) (unreadable), & I further give and bequeath to him one of my Negroes, at the election of my Wife, to be unalterably his, till my son William shall be of age, and then to be returned to my Estate for purposes hereafter Devised. I also give & bequeath to my beloved Daughter Frances When she shall marry or be of the full age of Eighteen one of my negroes at the election of myWife aforesaid to be her unalienable property till my son William be of full age and then to be returned to my Estate for purposes herafter Devised. I also give & bequeath to her a Horse & I confirm to her the saddle & bridle which I have now given her, I likewise give her a good feather bed & furniture, the Bureau I have given her, and the Bald filly's Colt. I also give & bequeath to my Daughter Agnes, one of my Negroes at the election of my Wife, to be her unalienable property till my son William shall be of age & then to be returned to my Estate for purposes hereafter Devised. I bequeath also to her one good feather bed and furniture, a horse, saddle and Bridle of closest equal to what I hve given her Sister Frances. I also give & bequeath to her my Town Lot lying (unreadable) Town Supposed to be in Dickson county. I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Mary one of my Negroes at the election of my Wife to be hers unalienable and returned when my son William shall be twenty one years of age. I further bequeath to her a good feather bed & furniture, a Horse saddle and bridle a bureau & clothes equal to those I have given to my Daughter Frances and my Town Lot lying in Haysborough. I also give and bequeath to my three Daughters, Frances Agnes and Mary an equal share and interest of my tract of land lying on Browns Creek to be divided among them in portions of equal value, or sold, & the price equally divided among them if my Executors judge it most expedient to sell it, and if any rents or emoluments arise from said land I order that it be equally divided among my said Daughters. I give and bequeath to my beloved son William Two Hundred acres of the land on which I now live, being the part before devised to my Wife aforesaid, for her to use to that time and I ordain that he be vested with full right and possession of said land with the house and other Improvement with all my household Furniture and Plantation tools, & my Distillery and apparatus except what is above Devised. I further give and bequeath to my son William, a Horse saddle and bridle, & my watch which I desire my Wife to keep for him till he be of age & my shotgun, and I order that the said son William furnish a competent support for my Wife during her life - - -
When my son William be of age, I order & it is my will that all the Negroes given to my several Children, Adam, Frances, Agnes, & Mary and all their issue shall be restored and they, with those heretofore in possession of my Wife, with their issue, shall be equally Divided among my Wife and five Children either by valuation, sale or agreement as it may be found most eqeual or convenient. I further order that all the stock or other property which may have arisen from the profits of the plantation & stock, which had been in my Wifes possession besides supporting & educating my family, shall be equally Divided amont my Wife & said five Children. ------
This to be understood that should any of the Negroes above directed to be delivered die between the time of their delivery & the time of their being returned for a general Division the possessor is not liable for the price of said Negroe, nor should any of the Negroes in possession of my Wife die during said time, shall she be liable for the price of said Negroes, but shall receive his or her share of My Negroes of undevised Estate, as if he or she had never received or possessed said Deceas'd negroe ----
I also give and bequeath to my beloved Daughter Agnes, a Bureau equal to the one given to my Daughter Frances -----
I further give and bequeath to my Brother Adam Hope's son John, the sum of twenty Dollars, and I further order and it is my will that my Executor hereafter Named and appointed, to be vested with full power and authority to sell and convey my Tract of land aforesaid lying on Browns Creek, to the purchaser, by Deed and fee simple, and I do herby declare the Deed so made and signed by them as my Executors Obligatory on my heirs as if I had personally signed it in my life time provided they my Executors think it more the Interest of my Daughters to whom it is Devised to sell it than to divide the land among them. -------
I hereby revoke and annul all former Wills and Testaments, made by me and do declare this my last Will and Testament in full force and virtue, and I hereby further constitue and appoint my trusty and well beloved Brother Adam Hope, and my son Adam Hope, both of the County, and State aforesaid Executors, and my beloved wife Anne, Executrix, and Thereby authorise and empower them to Execute this my last Wiil and Testament, and to perform all things therein mentioned as my Will and Desire, signed, sealed and Declared this 23rd day of October 1804 in the presence of
D. Frazor
Joseph Walker
Benj. Canon

John Hope (seal)

This last Will and Testament, above recited, being Exhibited in Court, for probate April session 1805, was duly proven to the the act and deed of the said John Hope by the Oaths of Daniel Frazor, & Joseph Walker subscribing witnesses, and as such the same was ordered to be recorded and likewise there was annexed to this Will the following Codicil to wit ------
I John Hope of the County and state aforesaid in this foregoing will on further reflections annex this Codicil to amend said will, the two colts one called Bompard and the other comet bequeathed to my son Adam are hereby revoked and I order and it is my will that said Colts Bompard, and comet, be liable to my Wife Annes election, as well as all my other horses, agreeably to the directions in the aforesaid will and if not chosen by her to be disposed of in the same manner and to the same heirs, with the rest of my surplus stock therefore to be divided equally among my wife and my five Children above named at the same time and under the same restrictions. And I further declare that having maturely considered and digested every part of my aforesaid Will and Testament made and executed on the 23 October 1804 in presence of D Frazor Joseph Walker & Benj Cannon to which this codicil is now annexed and as an amendment is my last Will and Testament in full force and virtue. Signed sealed and declared this 22 December 1804 in presence of
T. B. Craighead
William Crawford
John Walker

John Hope (seal)

This Codicil annexed to the above will was proven By the Oaths of William Crawford & John Walker to be the act and deed of the said John Hope, dec'd.
and the executors therein named Qualified as such.

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