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Virginia State Archives, Richmond

Some early land records taken from the Virginia State Archives by Dr. G. Marion Hope

Thomas Hope Petersburg 1793
Hustings Court Will Bk. 1, 1784-1805 p. 196, 216, 217, 252, 298, 298L-2996

Hope 15 May 1753 Winchester Town
1/2 a. being lot #10 in said town and also 5 a. lot #67 in the Common N N
Grants H p. 327 6998

John Hope 15 May 1753 Winchester Town
1/2 a. being lot #139 in said town N N
Grants L, p. 39 6999

(Land Office)
Adam Hope 24 June 1788 Harrison Co.
157 a. on the waters of Cunninghams, now a branch of Sugarman Creek and waters of Jones (indecipherable) Branch of Ten Mile Creek
Grants Q p. 267

Adam Hope 20 June 1785 Washington County
400 a. on the north west side of Holstein River adjoining William Duff and Sam. MOntgomery s. C
Grants Q p. 267

Adam Hope 20 Aug. 1801 Washington Co.
400 a. on both sides of the Fifteen Mile Creek adjoining his own land
Grants No. 49, p. 456

George Hope 20 April 1785 Elizabeth City Co.
1 a. 1 n. 17 p. Escheat land corner of said Hopes (undecipherable) house
Grants O 1785, p. 32 (or p. 320)

James H. Hope 5 Dec. 1821 Washington Co.
50 a. on both sides of Fifteen Mile Creek beginning at c. of John Berrys and said Hopes land
Grants No. 70 p. 498

James H. Hope 25 Aug 1833 Washington Co.
24 a. on 15 Mile Creek
Grants no. 85 p. 228

John Hope 1 July 1653 York Co.
537 a. on the south side of C(indecipherable) Beg. southwest upon the range by (indecipherable)
Patents no. 3, p. 16

Thomas Hope 1 May 1775 Halifax Co.
C. Difficult Creek adj. land of Morefield, Robertson
PATENTS E. p. (??)

Thomas Hope 1 February 1781 Halifax Co.
c. Difficult Creek adj. (rest indecipherable)

John Hopes 12 July 1746 Augusta Co.
200 a. on small branch of Naked Creek
PATENTS #25, 1745-47 p. 282

John Hopes 5 Sept. 1749 Augusta Co.
200 a. on Cooks Creek
Patents #27 1748-49 p. 332

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Ancestors of Richard Rex Hope

  • 1. Thomas Hope 1701-1777
  • m.Jennett Wilham 1701-1771
  • 2. Richard Hope C1728-C1778
  • m. Jennett (unknown) C1730-1783
  • 3. James Hope 1758-1828
  • m. Jane McPherson 1763-B1850
  • 4. James Hope 1802-1880
  • m. Margaret Paden Dinsmore 1812-1899
  • 5. Richard McPherson Hope 1832-1894
  • m. Elizabeth T. Gross
  • 6. John Franklin Hope 1858-1939
  • m. Jessie Evelyn Gross 1868-1942
  • 7. Rush Richard Hope 1891-1952
  • m. Elizabeth Marie Sims 1902-1967
  • 8. Rex William Hope 1922-
  • m. Celia Grace Johnson 1927-1950 (she was decended from a line of "Hope's" that lived near White House, Virginia. I have not yet verified if they are the same "Hope" family or not.
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    Will of Adam Hope

    This will was deciphered and copied by Grover Hope from the records of the State of Tennessee.


    I. Adam Hope, of the County of Davidson, State of Tennessee, do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking & making void all former wills by me anytime heretofore made. And first, I direct that my body be decently interned at or near my residence in said County in a manner suitable to my condition in life and as to such worldly property as it hath pleased God to intrust me with, I dispose of the same as follows.

    First - I direct that all of my debts and funeral expenses to be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of any monies that I might die possessed of or may come into the hands of my Executors from any portion of my estate real or personal.

    Secondly. I give and devise to my daughter Marcy Cook & her heirs & assignees the following tract of land to Wit: eginning at a white oak at the south west corner of the tract of land on which I now live, running thence east a sufficent number of poles so running due north to Goodwins line, west to my north-west corner, and from thence to the beginning so as to lay off to my said daughter Mary Owens, one hundred ten acres of land. And I also bequeath to my daughter Mary Owens the following named negroes Viz, Maria and her two children Randall & Jerry and also Peter.

    Thirdly. I give and devise unto my son Thomas Hope the balance of my land after taking the one hundred ten acres above disposed of. I also give to my son Thomas Hope the following named negroes viz: Mary and Wiley and also one of my best beds and furniture and all of my wearing apparel to have and to hold during his natural life & and at his death to be equally divided between the lawful children of my son Samuel W Hope and it is my will and desire that as my son Thomas is now in a state of derangement and is in charge of my son Samuel W who is his brother, that he have the management of said land and negroes and the receive the rent and the hire of the negroes from year to year to be applied to the support of my son Thomas during his life and it is further my will and desire that at the death of my son Thomas that the land and negroes be left in the possession of my son Samuel W. Hope, and if he should die leaving his present wife a widow, and at her intermarriage or death then to be divided as above directed. And it is my will and desire that my son Samuel W. shall make no charge against my son Thomas for any trouble or attention that he may have with my son Thomas.

    Fourthly. I give and bequeath unto R. B. Turner, his heirs and assignes the following name negroes, viz, John and Samuel to have and to hold for the sole use and benefit of my son James R. Hope and the said R. B. Turner his heirs and assignees are to permit the said James R. Hope to receive their hire and profit of the same. And if the said James R. Hope shall die having no legitimate children at his death, then the said R. B. Turner or his heirs shall re-convey the same to my lawful heirs who are still alive at the death of James R. Hope, but if the said James R. Hope leaves lawful children, then the property is to be conveyed to them.

    Fifthly. I give and bequeath to my Grand-children Martitia, John, Mary Racheal, Richard, Elizabeth, Samuel, Arthur, and Sherman W. Hope children of my son Samuel W. Hope the following named negroes to wit: Eliza and her daughter Eliza to them and their heirs for ever provided however that they shall permit their father Samuel W. Hope to receive the hire of the negroes from year t yeaer to be applied to the support of the said Samuel W. Hope & children as long as said Samuel W. Hope shall live and after his death the here named negroes will be delivered to his wife Fanny Hope during her widowhood but if she should intermarry or die, the above named negroes and their off-spring are to be equally divided among the lawful children of my son, Samuel W. Hope to them and their heirs forever..

    Sixthly. I give and bequeath unto James Cook, my son-in-law the following named negroes, viz: Alan and Lucinda to him and his heirs to have and to hold forever.

    Seventhly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Chambers the following named negroes, viz: Jenny and Susan to have and to hold forever.

    Eighthly. It is my will and desire that my Executors sell to the highest bidder on credit of twelve months the following named negroes viz: Alsey, Loyd, Jacob, Green, Jerry, and Alford and also my stock, poultry, wagon and farm untensils of every description and the proceeds of the sale be divided btween my children and grand-children viz: I give and bequeath unto the children of my son David B. Hope one thousand dollars. And I give and bequeath unto my son Adam Hope's children one share, and I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Chambers on-half share, that is on-half of the amount that my son Adam Hope shall draw, and I also give and bequeath unto my son John Hope one share that is the same amount that my son Adam shall be entitled to in the division of the said proceeds to have and to hold to them their heirs forever.

    I do hereby ordain and appoint my son Samuel W. Hope and R. B. Turner Executors of this my last Will and Testament, in whereof I Adam Hope, the said testator have to the Will set my hand and seal this 28th day of April in the year of our Lord, one thousand and eight hundred and forty-one.

    Signed: Adam Hope [seal]

    Signed, sealed and published in presence of us who have subscribed in the presence of each other, this April 27, 1841.

    Wm Whittamore
    Green B. Goodwin

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    Will of Adam Hope 1729-1802

    WILL BOOK 2, page 351:
    In the name of God amen, that I, Adam Hope, of Washington County, State of Virginia, being in the usual state of reason and memory, blessed be the giver of all my mercies. Calling to mind the mortality of the body and that it is appointed for all men once to die, do recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to be buried after my decease in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my executors and for world estate, goods and chattels it has pleased God to bless me with in this life. I do order, allow and bequeath them in the following manner.

    Viz, I leave to my wife Agnes full and free right and possession of the southwest end of the house we now live in during her lifetime and the half of the seller, her firewood to be cut and hauled to the house; and negro Nance and Emess, during my wife Agnes's lifetime; and at her decease said negros Nance and Emess shall be left to daughter Mary Berry, her heirs and assigns. My wife Agnes shall have one horse or mare, her choice; two cows, her choice; six sheep, her choice; all to be well kept; one acre of land to be plowed and sowed with flax seed yearly; a sufficiency of bread and meat to be given her yearly and ten dollars yearly to be paid by son James during her lifetime, with all the household and dresser furniture during her lifetime; and at her decease she shall leave it to whom she pleases; my clothes and my books to be divided amongst my heirs equally.

    I leave and bequeath to my unhappy son Thomas the interest of one hundred pounds which is six pounds per year as it can be got from the treasury if he quits drinking spirituous liquor in the space of two years and if he continue to drink spirituous liquor after term he shall receive but ten dollars or three pounds and what horse creatures and bonds and cash he is now in possession of because of his intemperance and insults when intoxicated with spirituous liquor and if he continues to drink spirituous liquor longer than four years my other heirs if they be agreed, may divide the whole of what is mentioned to Thomas amongst themselves, and perhaps it may be a means to make him sensible (page 352) of his conduct and further it shall not be lawful for Thomas to will or sell or assign to any a part of the whole of the above mentioned sum; but my executor is to pay it to himself as he sees him stand in need of; and get it from the bank of the United States.

    I leave and bequeath to my son James the whole right and title of the land I now live on and fifty acres of a late survey up the creek and along the side of the knobs to him, his heirs and assigns; and all the utensils and tools of husbandry, the mills and stills with their utensils, the wagon and gears, plow and harrow, etc. etc. etc.; the half of the cattle and sheep, the whole of the hogs, the negro Jack.

    I leave and bequeath to my son Richard all my rights and title of the land he now lives on in Kentucky, to him, his heirs and assigns.

    I leave and bequeath to my grandsons named Adam, five pounds to each of them, that is to say, to John's son Adam, #5; to Richard's son Adam, #5; to Adam's son Adam, #5, to Thomas Berry's son Adam, #5, to James' son Adam, #5 to be paid to them after come to 21 years of age and the remainder, whatever it may be, to be divided into five equal shares. John and Richard to get each of them one share, Adam to get two and a half shares, and Thomas Berry to get one half share.

    And I appoint my son James Hope to execute this my last will and testament and do hereby revoke and disanull all former wills and testaments and do ratify and confirm this to be my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal this third day of May one thousand eight hundred and two (May 3, 1802).

    An inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Adam Hope, deceased, on pages 367, 368, 369 Hope Springs Eternal, by Josephine Jurney.

    Further Notes:
    Descendants are still living in the Abingdon, VA area. On Aug. 21, 1781, the court in Washington County, VA, granted permission for Adam Hope to build a mill on his own land. Mill stones from the mill are in the possession of James W. Hope III. Pictures of the mill stones were taken by Grover H. Hope, Addington, TX, in 1995.

    Aug 21, 1783 the Washington County court ordered Adam Hope be overseer of the road from the Watauga road through the knobs and that James Montgomery gentleman give him a list of Tithables.

    Adam Hope became guardian of Joel Dryden, orphan of Nathaniel Dryden, deceased, on Jan. 15, 1793, in Washington County. In the Guardian Bonds.

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