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Descendants of Adam Hope

Generation No. 1.

1. ADAM1 HOPE was born in Tennessee, and died January 18, 1831 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi. He married JANE GREADY December 23, 1813 in Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi.


As of 10/94, all I know about Adam Hope is that he lived in Wilkinson County, Mississippi, and that he married Jane Gready on December 23, 1813. Jane Hope appears alone on the 1850 census. Adam's death in 1831 is recorded in the Woodville Republican of January 22, 1831.
The Republican also lists him as the administrator of the estate of Nathaniel D. Hope, December 27, 1827. There is a Nathaniel Dryden Hope that died in 1825, place unknown as yet, could these be brothers? More info, Nathaniel Dryden Hope had a brother named Adam, and also a first cousin named Adam. Adam's will, transcription below, mentions as possible heirs "N D Hope". Adam's marriage to Jane Gready was "sealed to the Temple" of the LDS church at the temple in Ogden, Utah in 1984.
Estate records of Adam H. Hope:
From: (Donna Bartholow, Burleson, Texas)
To: Bhope
Date: 23 Jun 1996 22:37:58 EDT
Subject: adam hope records in wilkinson co.
This is what I have on Adam's estate with the exception of appraisal and sale of his personal property.Donna

Probate minutes Book 4 part 1 page 1-272
March 1831
Wilkinson County Courthouse
The renunciation of Jane Hope of her right to adminster on the etate of her late husband Adam Hope decd was presented to the court and accepted said renunciation being in favor of Wesley Chambers- and on the appplication of said Wesley Chambers -Ordered that Letters of administration be granted him on Said Estate on his Entereing into bond in the Sum of Three thousand dollars with William C. Fintrip and William Stamps as his securities and ordered that Watthal Burton Samuel Seatherman and Zachamah Walker be appointed appraisers of said estate.

Tuesday April 26th 1831

Ordered that the administrator of the Estate of Adam Hope deceased pay the account of DH Egglston amounting to $78.25.

August 1831

On the application of Wesley Chambers administrator of the estate of Adam Hope decd ordering that he sell all the personal estate of said deceased on an order of twelve months on giving due notice according to law the purchasers giving bond and security according to law.

December 1831

The administration of the estate of Adam Hope deceased having returned to the Court a showing of all the personal estate of said Hope and also a list of debt presented against same estate whereby it appears that the personal estate is insufficient to pay the debts of said estate- It is ordered that a citation issue to all persons interested in the lands tenements and heriditaments of said deceased to come forward on the 4th Monday of January next and show cause why the lands tenements and heriditaments of said Hope should not be sold to pay said debts or so much thereof as shall be sufficient for that purpose.

January 1832

The adm of the Estate of Adam Hope decd having at the last November Term of this court made a showing of the personal estate of said Adam Hope and also of the debts presented against said estate Whereby it appearing to this Court that the personal of said Hope is insufficient to pay the debts due by the same and a Citation having been published according to Law directed to all persons interested to show cause at this term of this court why the real estate should not be sold to satisfy the debts of said estate and no person appearing to offer any objection to said sale, It is terefore ordered that said administrator sell the Lands belonging to said estate for the above purpose and credit of twelve months giving notice according to Law and the purchasor giving bond and security bond accoring to the law.

February 1832

On the petition of Jane Hope widow of Adam Hope deceased praying for dower on a certain tract of Land therein mentioned It is ordered that a writ issue to the Sheriff conditioned according to Law.

April 1832

The renunciation of Jane Hope widow of A Hope right to administer on the Estate of A Hope Deceased and request A H Chambers should act in her stead renunciation filed in court.
Upon application of AH Chambers for letters of admr "De bonis Uon" on the Estate of A Hope Decd and renunciation of his widow filed in court. Ordered that said A H Chambers be appointed admr "De bonis Uon" A Hope on his entering into bond in the sum of three thousand Dollars with W.S. Lewis and James Bufords as his securities both administered bond to him
Whereas a representation has been made to the Court by A H Chambers admr. "de bonis non" of A Hope decd, that Wesley Chambers admr. of said Hope decd not sell the real estate of A Hope pursuant to the order of the Court It is therefore ordered that publication be made according to Law for all persons interestd in said Estate to show cause if any they can why the real estate of said Hope should not be sold to pay his debts (40 days notice)

June 1832

an inventory of the Estate of Adam Hope Decd by the admr de bonis non was presented examined allowed and ordered to record.

August 1832

an acount of sales of the real estate of Adam Hope Decd was presented examined allowed and ordered to be recorded.

November 1832

A partial settlement of the Estaet of Adam Hope Decd was presented examined allowed and ordered to be recorded
The admr De bonis non of Adam Hope Decd having made a showing to this Court upon oath of all the Estate of said Decd both real due personal and also a list of claims presented against said estate whereby it appears to this Court that the proceeds are insufficient to pay the debts of the estate it is therefore ordered that Thomas S. Herbert John Stark and Samuel Seatherman be appointed commissioners to received and examine claims against said estate for the ensuing six months and make the report thereof with this court according to law.

Inventory & accounts Book 8

A list of claims presented against the estate of Adam Hope which have been allowed by the undersigned Commissioners as follows to wit,

(list of names to include J.H. Gradey, The heirs of ND Hope, and John H Grady)

Claims totaled $3,684.76

State of Mississippi
Wilkinson County
Mr Samuel Seatherman,Thomas J. Herbert & Watthale Burton Commissioners appointed to audit and examine claims presented against the Estate of Adam Hope deceased being duly sworn deposed and say that We have examined the foregoing claims presented against said estate and have allowed the several amounts expressed in the foregoing schedule and that no further claims have been presented to the said commissioners.
sworn to an ascribed this 4th day of May 1833

Children of Adam Hope and Jane Gready are:

  • i. FRANCES ADELINE2 HOPE, d. July 1896.
  • ii. RACHEL HOPE, b. January 08, 1815, Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi; m. (1) HENRY DIXON HOLLAND, October 13, 1836, Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi; m. (2) ISRAEL CHAMBERS, August 09, 1849, Woodville, Wilkinson Co., Mississippi.
  • 2. iii. WILLIAM GREADY HOPE, b. May 29, 1816, Woodville, Wilkinson County, Miss.; d. Abt May 1897, Near Webster, Sumter County, Florida.
  • Generation No. 2.

    2. WILLIAM GREADY2 HOPE (ADAM 1) was born May 29, 1816 in Woodville, Wilkinson County, Miss., and died Abt May 1897 in Near Webster, Sumter County, Florida. He married CAROLINE BELLE NEWELL December 03, 1848 in Woodville, Wilkinson, Mississippi, daughter of William Newell and Adaline Dupuy.


    Most records of this person refer to him as William G. Hope. His middle name appears only on his military records. He volunteered for the Mexican war and served in the Wilkinson County Volunteers under the command of Jefferson Davis. The regiment was sent to Mexico, and after only 3 months William G. was discharged due to illness. After his military service, he married Caroline, daughter of a wealthy plantation owner in Wilkinson County, and went to New Orleans where he worked as a "clerk". He moved to Amite City, Louisana when his wife inherited 13 slaves, and farmed there until after the Civil War, then moved the family to McKinney, Texas where they had another farm.
    In 1889 or 1890, he went to Sumter County, Florida near his oldest son, George Cleveland Hope, apparently leaving Caroline in Texas, where she died in 1896. While living in Sumter County, he kept a diary which still exists. He also had extensive correspondence with the Goverment about his Mexican War pension, and this correspondence was obtained from Government archives. His gravestone is gone from the Stewarts Chapel cemetary, but family members are sure that is where he was buried.

    See also the last will and testament of William Newell for a further story of how the slaves happened to come to Caroline. It is a tale of deception and greed that had to be settled in court.

    In his last years he was living in a lean-to shack on his pension of $12 per month, plus what game he could find and his garden. He left only a shotgun (in possession of George Hope), a gold watch (in possession of Newell Brett Hope, Jr.), and a bird dog.

    Children of William Hope and Caroline Newell are:

  • 3. i. GEORGE CLEVELAND3 HOPE, b. October 02, 1849, Woodville, Wilkinson, Mississippi; d. May 09, 1912, Palmetto, Manatee, Florida.
  • ii. ADALINE HOPE, b. August 25, 1851, Amite City, Louisiana.
  • 4. iii. LUCY HOPE, b. April 16, 1853, Amite City, La.; d. 1921.
  • 5. iv. WILLIAM NEWELL HOPE, b. January 24, 1855, New Orleans, La.; d. October 29, 1948, Centrahoma, Oklahoma.
  • 6. v. MILLIARD F HOPE, b. November 19, 1857, Amite City, La.; d. July 14, 1943, Mt. Vernon, Texas.
  • 7. vi. THOMAS HOPE, b. June 16, 1858, Amite City, La.; d. 1938, Ada, Oklahoma.
  • vii. LILLIE HOPE, b. March 18, 1860, Amite City, La..
  • viii. ALBERT G. HOPE, b. December 08, 1861, Amite City, La.; d. March 12, 1915, Coal County, Oklahoma.
  • ix. HARRY HOPE, b. October 06, 1863, Amite City, La.; d. 1878.
  • 8. x. MARY V HOPE, b. January 24, 1868, Amite City, La.; d. June 29, 1934.
  • xi. JULIA HOPE, b. 1870, Amite City, La..
  • xii. FANNIE S. HOPE, b. April 11, 1872, Amite City, La.; d. May 29, 1948; m. RICHARD HEATH.
  • Generation No. 3.

    3. GEORGE CLEVELAND3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born October 02, 1849 in Woodville, Wilkinson, Mississippi, and died May 09, 1912 in Palmetto, Manatee, Florida.
    He married SARAH ELIZABETH BRETT January 19, 1881 in McKinney, Collin, Texas, daughter of Aaron Brett and Sarah Townsend.


    George was the oldest of the extensive Hope clan. He was a builder and a carpenter/cabinet maker. At age 14 he fought in the Louisiana home guard in the Civil War. He worked on his Father's farm until he married in 1881. His marriage to Elizabeth was opposed by his family, as she was working as a servant at the time. Soon after the marriage, George left for Villa City, Florida, where he found work and sent for his wife and young daughter, Lucy.
    Later, he bought a farm near Webster, Florida, and lived there until 1900, when he moved the family to Plant City. Some time later, he bought another farm at Lithia, Florida, then went to Palmetto to work in a cabinet shop.
    He died there from a stroke, and was buried in Plant City. A copy of his obituary in the Plant City "Courier" is in the Hope files.
    He was a big man, and several pictures of him show him working in his workshop. He once went to work in Miami, where he was offered a mile of beach, which he refused to buy, and that beach is now Miami Beach!
    From the files of the Leesburg (Florida) Public Library:

    George C. Hope purchased land with the following legal description:

    SE 1/4 of SE 1/4 Sec 36 T21 R24,
    Lake County Deeds, Vol 6 page 486

    Purchased from A. R. Gano on April 4, 1889. This is good evidence that the family moved from Villa City to Webster in 1889. A. R. Gano must have been a land speculator or developer, because he has many land transfers recorded in about the same time frame.

    Children of George Hope and Sarah Brett are:

  • 9. i. LUCY DEAN4 HOPE, b. December 12, 1882, McKinney, Collin, Texas; d. December 27, 1982, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • ii. CORNELIA CLARA HOPE, b. July 10, 1886, Villa City, Lake, Florida; d. May 13, 1949, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida; m. HENRY HAMILTON HUFF, September 24, 1909, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 10. iii. NEWELL BRETT HOPE, SR., b. January 18, 1895, Centerville, Sumter, Florida; d. November 15, 1993, Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 4. LUCY3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM1) was born April 16, 1853 in Amite City, La., and died 1921. She married ABLE SKIPWITH Abt 1878 in McKinney, Collin, Texas.


    This person is not to be confused with Lucy Dean Hope, daughter of George Cleveland Hope and Sarah Elizabeth Brett Hope.

    Children of Lucy Hope and Able Skipwith are:

  • i. WILLIAM F4 SKIPWITH, b. Abt 1879, McKinney, Collin, Texas.
  • ii. SAMUEL S SKIPWITH, b. Abt 1880, McKinney, Collin, Texas.
  • 5. WILLIAM NEWELL3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born January 24, 1855 in New Orleans, La., and died October 29, 1948 in Centrahoma, Oklahoma. He married SARAH A. PRATER, daughter of Richard Prater and Juliette Orr.


    William Newell was known in the family as "Uncle Newell". He founded the little town of Centrahoma, and in his later years lived on the main street there. Like many of the Hope family, he was a big man, and wore a cowboy hat. There is a picture of him in the family archives with Henry Huff, Newell Brett Hope, Jr. and George David Hope, Sr., taken in 1941.

    Child of William Hope and Sarah Prater is:

  • 11. i. BESSIE MAY4 HOPE, b. October 06, 1884, Nevada, Texas; d. March 08, 1952, Ft. Worth, Texas.

    6. MILLIARD F3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born November 19, 1857 in Amite City, La., and died July 14, 1943 in Mt. Vernon, Texas. He married ZERELDA HUDDLESTON Abt January 24, 1883 in Farmersville, Texas.


    Documentation of Milliard's marriage to Zerelda Huddleston and their children is from e-mail from Relf Huddleston dated Dec 31, 1996.
    Documentation of date of death and place of death is from the records of Relf Huddleston, his source is listed as gravestone.
    Picture of Milliard and Zerelda in files, clearly marked.

    Children of Milliard Hope and Zerelda Huddleston are:

  • 12. i. TOM M.4 HOPE, b. December 1892, Texas.
  • ii. ENOLA B. HOPE, b. October 1894, Texas.
  • 13. iii. ADDIE GAZELLE HOPE, b. December 29, 1896, Collin County, Texas.
  • iv. PHILIP RAY HOPE, b. January 22, 1905; m. JEAN LONG, February 08, 1938, Mt. Vernon, Franklin County, Texas.
  • 7. THOMAS3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM1) was born June 16, 1858 in Amite City, La., and died 1938 in Ada, Oklahoma. He married MINNIE WELBOURN Abt 1899 in Ada, Oklahoma.


    Tom was the son who left the farm and wandered. He became a cowboy in west Texas, the wandered into Oklahoma, where he founded the town of Ada, and was a banker there for the rest of his life. His son, Welborn Hope, was an author, and his book "Four Men Hanging" gives a history of his Father and the town of Ada. Two autographed copies of this book are in the Hope files.

    Child of Thomas Hope and Minnie Welbourn is:

  • i. WELBOURN4 HOPE, b. Abt 1900; d. October 09, 1988, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
  • 8. MARY V3 HOPE (WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born January 24, 1868 in Amite City, La., and died June 29, 1934. She married MERILL JONES.

    Child of Mary Hope and Merill Jones is:

  • 14. i. HAZEL4 JONES.
  • Generation No. 4.

    9. LUCY DEAN4 HOPE (GEORGE CLEVELAND3, WILLIAM GREADY2, ADAM 1) was born December 12, 1882 in McKinney, Collin, Texas, and died December 27, 1982 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida. She married MALCOLM DAVID KOLB December 10, 1902 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida, son of James Kolb and Sidney Stevens.


    Lucy was brought to Florida by her mother when she was only 1 year old. She lived to be 100, and died two weeks after her 100th birthday party. She was alert to the end, and sat in her chair for the party. She received a congratulatory letter from President Reagan on her 100th birthday.
    She was widowed in 1937, and was cared for by her daughter until her death. She never worked outside the home. She and Clara lived in various apartments in Plant City, always near her sister Cornelia Hope Huff, until Cornelia died in 1949, at which time them moved into the Huff home and lived with Cornelia's widower, Henry Huff, until he died in 1962.
    Lucy was never as outgoing and friendly as her sister, and while well liked, was not the social person that Cornelia was.

    Child of Lucy Hope and Malcolm Kolb is:

  • i. CORNELIA CLARA5 KOLB, b. August 12, 1906, Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida; d. December 04, 1987, Lakeland, Polk, Florida.
  • 10. NEWELL BRETT4 HOPE, SR. (GEORGE CLEVELAND3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born January 18, 1895 in Centerville, Sumter, Florida, and died November 15, 1993 in Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida. He married LURA CAROLYN PEMBERTON June 01, 1926 in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, daughter of Orlando Pemberton and Sarah BARROW.


    Born on the family farm in Sumter County, Florida, with a mid-wife named Margarite Zeigler in attendance (per his written note). When he was a child, the family moved to Plant City, then later to a farm at Lithia. His father went to Palmetto to work in a cabinet shop, and died there when Newell was 16.
    He then went to work for the Tampa Gas Company. He married in 1926, and in 1931 he quit the Gas Company and moved to an 18 acre farm at Lithia (he still owned the old 80 acre farm some two miles away).
    In 1937 he started a country store and gas station on the farm, and operated it until he retired about 1965.
    Newell continued active in farming until about age 88 or 89 he when he could no longer drive the tractor. He cared for his wife until he was 94, then both of them were tended by grandchildren until his death in 1993 at the age of 98.
    He was not very sociable, and cared for the company of his family almost exclusively. He loved hunting and fishing, and these were his only hobbies and his only fun in life.
    He read the newspaper carefully every day and was very much aware of what was happening in the country, most of which he didn't like!
    He never left the State of Florida until 1967, when he and Lura visited his son Brett in Detroit, Michigan. He would not eat in restaurants, a foible related to his days fixing gas ranges in Tampa. He said that restaurants were so dirty that it was not safe to eat in them (and he was probably right) so when he travelled, he would carry a sandwich and eat in the car while others went into a restaurant.

    Children of Newell Hope and Lura Pemberton are:

  • 15. i. NEWELL BRETT5 HOPE, JR., b. August 19, 1927, Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 16. ii. GEORGE DAVID HOPE, SR., b. July 07, 1929, Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 11. BESSIE MAY4 HOPE (WILLIAM NEWELL 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born October 06, 1884 in Nevada, Texas, and died March 08, 1952 in Ft. Worth, Texas. She married NATHANIEL BENNETT BRADLEY December 03, 1906 in Nevada, Texas, son of John Bradley and Sarah Dortch.


    Middle name may have been spelled "Mae".

    Children of Bessie Hope and Nathaniel Bradley are:

  • i. RICHARD NATHAN5 BRADLEY, b. October 01, 1907, Cameron, Texas; d. November 02, 1986, Ft. Worth, Texas; m. JOSEPHINE ANN MALETTE, January 18, 1936, Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • 17. ii. MELBA ADELIA BRADLEY, b. November 03, 1909, Cameron, Texas; d. December 11, 1988, Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • iii. JUANITA GERALDINE BRADLEY, b. October 24, 1919, Cleburne, Texas; m. JACK WARREN REAMS, October 06, 1939, Marietta, Oklahoma.
  • iv. OLETA MADELINE BRADLEY, b. October 24, 1919, Cleburne, Texas; d. February 20, 1984, Ft. Worth, Texas; m. ROBERT PERRY BARTHOLOW, November 14, 1941, Cleburne, Texas.
  • 12. TOM M.4 HOPE (MILLIARD F 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born December 1892 in Texas. He married ANNIE HOPE.


    Probably the son mentioned in the diary of his grandfather, William Gready Hope. Documentation of birth date is from e-mail from Relf Huddleston 12/31/86. Also printed records of Mr. Huddleston.

    Children of Tom Hope and Annie Hope are:

  • i. TOM M.5 HOPE, JR..
  • ii. LOUISE HOPE.
  • 13. ADDIE GAZELLE4 HOPE (MILLIARD F 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born December 29, 1896 in Collin County, Texas. She married C. P. R. HUGHES January 22, 1917 in Mt. Vernon, Franklin County, Texas.


    Birth date is doecumented in e-mail from Relf Huddleston 12/31/96. Place of birth from Mr. Huddleston's documentation. Marriage from RH documentation, source listed as county records of Franklin County, Texas, marriage book "E", page 355.

    Child of Addie Hope and C. Hughes is:


    Child of Hazel Jones and Joseph Bunch is:

  • i. BILLYE JO5 BUNCH, b. Abt 1927, Ada, Oklahoma; m. WILLIAM ROLLOW.
  • Generation No. 5.

    15. NEWELL BRETT5 HOPE, JR. (NEWELL BRETT 4, GEORGE CLEVELAND 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM1) was born August 19, 1927 in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida. He married BETTY ANN SUMMERLIN March 19, 1950 in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, daughter of William Summerlin and Carrie Thee.


    Called "Brett" since his father was "Newell". He grew up on the family farm in Lithia, Florida, graduated from Pinecrest High School in 1943 as valdictorian of his class. He studied violin with Clarence Jasmagy in Plant City while in high school. In the fall of 1944, he entered Stetson University as a music student. In 1945, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in as a Hospital Corpsman at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesada, Md., until his discharge in 1947.
    He returned to Stetson in 1947, and graduated with a BME degree in 1950. His first jobs were as high school band director at Altha, Florida and Dublin, Ga. He joined Ryder System in 1955, and became data processing manager at the home office of the company in 1960. He joined Burroughs Corporation in 1964, and remained with that company until retirement in 1989. With Burroughs he held many different positions: software writer, customer support representative, branch, district, region, and division support manager. At the end of his career he was project manager for a software project in Richmond, Va. After retirement, he formed a consulting company, and worked on various computer projects until 1991.

    During his long working life, the family lived in these locations:
    Dublin, GA 1951-1953
    Jacksonville, Fl 1953-1960
    Miami, Fl 1960-1963
    Columbus, Ms 1964-1965
    Mansfield Oh 1965-1966
    Detroit, Mi 1966-1969 1974-1981
    Winston-Salem, NC 1969-1974
    Boca Raton, Fl 1981-1985
    Atlanta, Ga 1985-1991
    Interlachen, Fl 1991-
    These many moves were not from choice, but were business dictated.
    Brett continued his love of music, even though it was not his profession. He played in the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra from 1953 to 1957, and sang in these choruses:

    Mansfield Choral Society
    Florida Atlantic University Chorus
    Delray Beach Chorale
    Choral Guild of Atlanta

    Children of Newell Hope and Betty Summerlin are:

  • i. WILLIAM HENRY6 HOPE, b. January 21, 1957, Jacksonville, Duval, Florida; m. SHELIA JANE REEVES, July 26, 1997, Lilburn, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
  • ii. RICHARD NEAL HOPE, b. October 24, 1959, Jacksonville, Duval, Florida.
  • 18. iii. ROBERT GLENN HOPE, b. October 24, 1959, Jacksonville, Duval, Florida.
  • 16. GEORGE DAVID5 HOPE, SR. (NEWELL BRETT 4, GEORGE CLEVELAND 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM1) was born July 07, 1929 in Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida. He married AUDREY LORRAINE BENNETT.


    George graduated from Pinecrest High School at Lithia, Florida in 1946, and attended Stetson University until 1950, when he received his BEd degree, with a minor in biology. He went home to Lithia, married Audrey Bennett from Gibsonton, built a house about 200 yards from his fathers home, and lived there all the rest of his life. He was a biology teacher at Pinecrest, and later at Plant City High School.
    He joined the National Guard about 1949, and rose to the rank of Captain in the artillery and tank corps. He left the guard about 1965. He was an avid fisherman and hunter all his life, in fact these two hobbies were almost obsessions, as he had very few other interests. Born in Tampa Municipal Hospital. Birth Certificate #13901, Reg. # 816, per handwritten note from Newell Brett Hope, Sr.

    Children of George Hope and Audrey Bennett are:

  • 19. i. GEORGE DAVID6 HOPE, JR., b. June 19, 1955, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida.

  • 20. ii. CAROL HOPE, b. March 02, 1960, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 17. MELBA ADELIA5 BRADLEY (BESSIE MAY 4 HOPE, WILLIAM NEWELL 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM1) was born November 03, 1909 in Cameron, Texas, and died December 11, 1988 in Ft. Worth, Texas. She married JOHN JEFFERSON BELCHER November 19, 1933 in Waxahachie, Ellis County, Texas.


    Melba was a crusty old Texas woman, with a heart of gold. She lived with Clara Kolb in Plant City, Florida for several years in the 1970's.

    Children of Melba Bradley and John Belcher are:

  • i. GAY6 BELCHER, b. January 20, 1936, Ft. Worth, Texas; m. GEORGE LAY POWELL, November 26, 1969, Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • ii. THOMAS REX BELCHER, b. November 02, 1937, Ft. Worth, Texas; m. ELLA MARIE MCCANN, September 26, 1980, Ardmore, Oklahoma.
  • iii. RONALD GENE BELCHER, b. June 18, 1940, Ft. Worth, Texas; m. RUBY HELEN TUGGLE, June 05, 1982, Winters, Texas.
  • Generation No. 6.

    18. ROBERT GLENN6 HOPE (NEWELL BRETT5, NEWELL BRETT 4, GEORGE CLEVELAND 3, WILLIAM GREADY 2, ADAM 1) was born October 24, 1959 in Jacksonville, Duval, Florida. He married MARIA EUGENIA DUARTE April 22, 1989 in Boca Raton, Florida, daughter of Alfredo Duarte and Cristina Maury.


    Robert is twin brother to Richard Neal Hope. He graduated from Grosse Pointe North High School in Michigan in 1977, where he played the baritone horn in thesymphonic band. He then attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Jacksonville University in Florida, and received his degree in Computer Systems from Florida Atlantic University.
    He has been in computer work since graduation, and is one of the best in his profession. As of 1996, he is director of operations for Mitsuba S. E.
    He has many odd hobbies, including re-enactment of medevial battles and hand-to-hand combat.

    Child of Robert Hope and Maria Duarte is:

  • i. IAN ALFRED7 HOPE, b. February 28, 1996, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia.
  • 19. GEORGE DAVID6 HOPE, JR. (GEORGE DAVID 5, NEWELL BRETT 4, GEORGE CLEVELAND 3, WILLIAM GREADY2, ADAM1) was born June 19, 1955 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida. He married LESLYE GRACE ARMSTRONG January 01, 1981 in Plant City, Florida, daughter of Bishop(Methodist Church) Arthur Armstrong and Phyllis Schaffer.


    David was an electrician without a license, and worked as a helper for almost 20 years, because he refused to take the examination for a journeymans license.
    He was an avid fisherman and hunter like his father, and work was very secondary to his hobbies, therefore he is unable to provide for his family, and they exist mostly on the charity of his father and Leslyes family.

    Children of George Hope and Leslye Armstrong are:

  • i. PATRICIA ANN7 HOPE, b. October 23, 1982, Tampa, Hillsbourough Co., Florida.
  • ii. JAMES DAVID HOPE, b. January 06, 1985, Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • iii. MATTHEW DENNIS HOPE, b. October 17, 1992, Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • 20. CAROL6 HOPE (GEORGE DAVID 5, NEWELL BRETT 4, GEORGE CLEVELAND 3, WILLIAM GREADY2, ADAM 1) was born March 02, 1960 in Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida. She married (1) THOMAS WAYNE BOYD December 21, 1981 in Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida. She married (2) VICTOR CLAYTON BENNETT June 21, 1991 in Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida. She married (3) Kenneth Lastinger in Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida.


    Carol was christened "Carol Lucille Hope", but she has dropped the "Lucille". She had an early marriage that ended in divorce, but I can't remember his name. She is a small, red-head with freckles. She is very religious, belonging to the Church of God. She has a talent for picking the wrong men to marry!

    Child of Carol Hope and Thomas Boyd is:

  • i. TARA VICTORIA7 BOYD, b. February 15, 1985, Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • Child of Carol Hope and Victor Bennett is:

  • ii. TRAVIS VICTOR7 BENNETT, b. September 02, 1992, Lithia, Hillsborough, Florida.
  • Gold Bar

    Hope Family Bible

    This is a transcription of data taken from the bible of Hugh Washington Hope, as attested by the notary statement at the end.

    Great, great, grandfather James Hope, born December 20th, 1732, in England, married in 1766 to Ellen De Moss, in York, Penn.

    Ellen De Moss, born in France 1742, died in S. C. 1814

    Children of Above

    James Hope, born April 13th 1769 in York, Penn., died August 30th, 1840 at York S. C.
    Catherine Hope, born August 12th, 1771 in Hartford Md., died -----
    John Hope, born December 4th, 1773 at Hartford Md.
    Adam Hope, born January 5th, 1776 at Lincoln N. C.
    Isaac Hope, great grand-son, born April 13th, 1790 at York, S. C.


    Jane Barron, great grandma, born November 13th, 1764
    died November 30th, 1841

    Great Aunts and Uncles

    Agnes Hope, born August 12th, 1800, died ----
    Pamela Hope, born October 5th, 1802
    Ellen De Moss Hope, born November 1st, 1805
    James Maddism Hope, born January 2nd, 1809, died October 1st, 1891
    Jane Maddism Hope
    Lucinda Powell Hope, born November 27th, 1810, died November 25th, 1874
    (daughter of John Powell and Rachel Darwin)

    Uncles and Aunts

    J Albertus Hope, born September 13th, 1829
    Jane Amanda Hope, born August 11th, 1831, died September 2nd, 1882
    J. William Preston Hope, born January 21st, 1833, died July 8th, 1890
    Russell La Hatte, born September 19th, 1834, died November 3rd, 1881
    Lucinda Calista, born May 8th, 1836
    Rachel Pamela, born December 29th, 1837
    Davis McDonough, born July 4th, 1840, died October 10th, 1864
    at Richmond Va.
    Isaac Meek Hope, born April 26, 1842, died May 6th, 1864
    at Florence, S. C.


    Hugh Washington Hope, born September 4th, 1850
    Mollie Darwin, born December 27th, 1856

    H. Washington Hope of Yorkville, South Carolina, and Mollie Darwin of Yorkville, South Carolina, were married NOvember 1st, 1877, at the residence of P. B. Darwin, by Rev. A. A. James.


    Clarence Bland Hope, born Friday December 12th 1879
    James Lindsay Hope, born Thursday December 29th, 1881
    baptised October 1st, 1882 by Rev. A. M. Chrietzberg, P. E.
    Ethel Hope, born Saturday July 17th, 1886
    baptised November 11th, 1887, by Rev. W. W. Daniel.
    William Asbury Hope, born Tuesday July 19th, 1887
    baptised November 17th, 1887, by Rev. W. W. Daniel.

    J. Claud Hutchins and Ethel Hope, were married Nov. 23rd, 1908.


    Mary Lalage Hutchins, born November 4th, 1909
    baptised by Rev. Elam Dempsey.


    Clarence Bland Hope, died Wednesday September 13th, 1882
    H. Washington Hope, died Tuesday February 17th, 1890
    James Lindsay Hope, died August 5th, 1899
    Willie Asbury Hope, died October 30th, 1906

    I hereby certify that the foregoing record is a true copy taken from the Bible of Hugh Washington Hope, of Yorkville, South Carolina, now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Darwin Hope, 623 Grant Street, S. E. Atlanta, Georgia.
    (s) Mrs Mabel F. LaFar
    Subscribed and sworn to before me at Savannah, Georgia, this 12th day of February A. D. 1931.
    (s)S. A. Brewton
    Notary Public, Chatham County, Georgia.
    My Commission Expires Aug. 21st, 1932

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    Immigration Lists

    The following names have been extracted from the Passenger and Immigration lists, courtesy of Dr. G. Marion Hope, transcribed by Brett Hope, Jr.

  • Mrs. Hope, 35, with 10 children Baltimore, Md. 1823
  • Abraham Hope Maryland 1651
  • Archibald Hope, 20, New York, N. Y. 1822
  • Arthur Hope Virginia 1664
  • Benjamin Hope, 24?, Maryland 1777
  • C W Hope 28, Baltimore, Md. 1834
  • D Hope Victoria, British Columbia 1862
  • David Hope 45, New York (State) 1812
  • Domenick Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1836
  • Eliza Hope Maryland 1724
  • Elizabeth Hope Maryland 1725
  • Fra Hope Virginia 1646
  • Georg Hope America 1778
  • George Hope Maryland 1668
  • George Hope Maryland 1674
  • George Hope Virginia (no date)
  • Giles Hope Virginia 1661
  • G S Hopes 33, New Orleans, La. 1842
  • Henry Hopes Philadelphia, Pa. 1866
  • Henry Hopes 23, Virginia 1635
  • James Hope Allegany (Allegheny) Co. Pa 1888
  • James Hope Pennysylvania 1878
  • James Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1840
  • James Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1846
  • James Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1849
  • Jo. Hope Georgia 1734
  • John Hope 40, New York, N. Y. 1850
  • John Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1851
  • John Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1852
  • John Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1856
  • John Hopes Pennsylvania 1685
  • John Hopes Philadelphia, Pa. 1685
  • Thomas Hopes Philadelphia, Pa. 1685
  • John Andrew Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1816
  • John Misbell Hope Pennsylvania 1773
  • Joseph Hope Allegany (Allegheny) Co. Pa 1888
  • Joseph Hope Allegany (Allegheny) Co. Pa 1889
  • Leffmann Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1873
  • Mary Hope Maryland 1678
  • Matthew Hope America 1752
  • Matthew Hope New York, N. Y. 1823
  • Michael Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1862
  • Patrick Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1838
  • Patrick Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1866
  • Paul Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1846
  • R Hope San Francisco. Cal. 1852
  • Ralph Hope 27, Maryland 1774
  • Richard Hope Maryland 1678
  • Robert Hope America 1713
  • Robert Hope 51, New York (State) 1812
  • Robert Hope 52, New York (State) 1812
  • Robert Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1866
  • Samuel Hope 35, Baltimore, Md. 1823
  • Samuel Hope, Jr. Philadelphia, Pa. 1852
  • Samuel Hope, Sr. Philadelphia, Pa. 1852
  • Sarah Hope 60, Boston, Mass. 1848
  • Stephen Hope America 1769
  • Susanna Hope Maryland 1663
  • T Hope San Francisco, Cal. 1850
  • Thomas Hope America 1751
  • Thomas Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1802
  • Thomas Hope 55, Tennessee 1812
  • Thomas Hope Virginia 1607
  • Thomas Hope Virginia 1608
  • Thomas Hope Virginia 1664
  • Thomas Hopes Pennsylvania 1685
  • W Hope San Francisco, Cal. 1852
  • William Hope America 1773
  • William Hope Illinois 1896
  • William Hope 21, Jamaica 1683
  • William Hope Maryland 1660
  • William Hope Philadelphia, Pa. 1828
  • William Hope Virginia 1661
  • William Hopes Virginia 1662
  • William W. Hopes Philadelphia, Pa. 1838
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